Whole School Spelling System (Y1 To Y6)

WHole School Spelling System

The Vocabulary Ninja Whole School Spelling System resources contain everything you need to effectively teach, learn, practise and test a given spelling rule, directly linked to the National Curriculum. Covering Year 1 to Year 6, the system has a teaching resource pack of over 40 pages for each week of the academic year.

The electronic, downloadable system contain resources to send home at the beginning of the week, resources to display and use in the classroom, resources to send home, resources to play with and learn the spellings, and resources to test pupils knowledge of a spelling rule.

Weekly Spelling Rule – Page 3 and 4 introduce a spelling rule, gives a clear explanation of the rule and provides a spelling bank of up to 18 – 20 words where the spelling rule can be applied. This sheet should be used to introduce the spelling rule and then sent home to support parents at home.

Look, Write, Cover and Check – Pages 6, 7 and 8 are your classic look, cover, write and check spelling activities. This have been provided in many variations to help you keep spelling fresh and engaging in the class and at home. These resources can be printed.

Printable Flash Cards – Pages 10-11 offer the spellings for the week as printable cards which can be used in the classroom or sent home for pupils to use as part of their learning of spellings at home. This sheet could also be trimmed along the line and then used as quick and simple flash cards.

Display Words – Pages 13-15 have each of the words from the spelling bank pre-populated so that you can quickly print the whole set of words and display them effectively within you classroom. This is a great resource and allows you to effectively and efficiently reference your spellings throughout the week.

Weekly Test Resources – Pages 18-21 has all of the resources you need to deliver the test at the end of the week including a variety of answer sheets and even differentiated lists of words to test pupils on which increase in difficulty.
Certificates – Pages 23 and 24 contains some really simple and slips that can be used to incentivise and reward pupils for their efforts and achievements.

Additional Resources Section – This section is standard in each pack and provides a multitude of different printable activities that you could give to pupils in your care. Each activity is simple to administer and helps keep the spelling routine in your class on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday fresh and purposeful!

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