Times tables knowledge underpins almost every concept in the maths curriculum. With a strong knowledge of the multiplication and division facts in the times tables to 12, pupils will be in a much better position to tackle concepts such as equivalent fractions and long multiplication. Times Tables Ninja has been designed to be an essential resource for building and developing understanding of the times tables and how they relate to the maths objectives set out by the National Curriculum. Master times tables across your whole school with Times Tables Ninja! 

The photocopiable activities in this book give Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils all the tools they need to master multiplication and division up to the 12 times tables. The book is divided into 12 chapters, thoroughly covering one times table at a time and finishing with mixed times tables for extra practice and revision. Each chapter contains fun exercises for practising rapid recall followed by visually engaging activities for applying knowledge to other areas of the maths curriculum including shape, perimeter, fractions and more. The only resource you’ll ever need to effectively teach times tables.


Times tables taught correctly using a huge range of representations to support fluency and understanding of both multiplication and division across the mathematics curriculum. A must have resource for every classroom! — Adam Woodward ― Assistant Head & Teaching and Learning Lead.

This fantastic book filled with innovative and engaging tasks is a must-have! Using targeted times tables questions in a range of contexts and reasoning skills embedded throughout, it is an essential for anyone teaching maths. — Chloe Mansell ― KS2 Teacher.

This book has the potential to transform the teaching of times tables across my schools. Moving from concrete examples through pictorial and finally abstract representations. Perfect for use across the whole school, saving time and having a significant impact on pupils. — Mrs M Robinson ― Head Teacher.


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