Comprehension Dojo

Comprehension Dojo

Welcome Grasshopper! To the The Comprehension Dojo by Vocabulary Ninja! Much like a standard Dojo, The Comprehension Dojo is a place where reading skills can be acquired, practised, and in time…mastered!

We all know it is nearly impossible to fit in everything we need to in a school day, and reading often ends up becoming the poor relation in terms of time spent. The Comprehension Dojo will help schools embed reading skills into foundation subject and topic subjects, as well as increase topic subject knowledge. Win, Win!

Comprehension Dojo packs have been created to give pupils opportunities to learn and master essential reading retrieval skills that they will encounter in KS1 and KS2 SATs. Questions have been designed to closely match SATs questions.

In these packs you will find a high-quality non fiction text and 8 different reading retrieval activities based on the 8 core comprehension skills. These can all be printed and easily turned into a handy booklet. All answers have been provided too, reducing teacher workload!

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