Knowledge Organisers


Knowledge Organisers from Vocabulary Ninja are a great way to support teachers, pupils and parents to organise all the essential knowledge associated with a topic. Vocabulary Ninja Knowledge Organisers have the bonus of ‘Golden Vocabulary’, which is vocabulary that provides crucial links to other curriculum subjects, helping pupils to link and develop their knowledge and understanding of a subject. Golden Vocabulary can support teachers and subject leaders to make links to other subjects and previous learning which is proven to be the most effective way of knowledge being retained! Making links with Golden Vocabulary.

Knowledge Organisers can be used in many ways. The most obvious is to print them and send them home to parents at the beginning of a topic so that all the key knowledge from your chosen topic is easily disseminated to parents who can share and discuss the key knowledge and vocabulary at home. The Knowledge Organisers could also be hosted digitally on your school website, on curriculum pages, so that parents can access the resources digitally. The resource can also be used in class as a reference point for pupils too. Knowledge Organisers might also support teacher planning, as a good basis to work from.


Vocabulary Ninja’s Knowledge Organisers have been closely linked to common KS1 and KS2 curriculum subjects.When downloaded, the resource comes in PowerPoint and PDF versions.