Write Like A Ninja

Write Like A Ninja

Write Like a Ninja provides children with all the vocabulary and grammar they need to become writing ninjas, as well as a handy list of Alan Peat’s exciting sentences to help children vary their writing. Designed to be used independently by Key Stage 2 pupils, this is a must-have book for children to use in the classroom and at home.

Fully aligned to the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum, this pocket-sized book allows children to take ownership of their writing. From examples of metaphors, similes and superlatives to verbs, conjunctions and adjectives, this is a book that children can refer to again and again to grow their confidence and gain independence in their writing. There are suggestions for avoiding commonly-used words, and vocabulary lists for describing specific settings, like haunted houses or cities and villages, as well as characters, technology, food and drink and more.

Written by Andrew Jennings, creator of Vocabulary Ninja and Comprehension Ninja, this book will save teachers’ time spent looking for resources and thinking of examples to give to pupils, and empower children to write independently, vary their language and become writing ninjas.


A super engaging and accessible primer to the fundamentals of language, packed with usable examples, that should be in every classroom. — Piers Torday ― Award-winning children’s writer and author of “The Last Wild”, @PiersTorday

Write Like a Ninja is a must have book for any young writer that wants to give their writing a kick. I wish that the Vocabulary Ninja was my sensei when I was a child learning how to master the art of writing. — Jane Considine ― Author of “The Write Stuff – Transforming the Teaching of Writing”

As both a school leader and a parent, I can’t recommend this enough to help children transform their writing. Children will certainly find this essential guide both accessible and engaging. — Jon Tait ― Deputy CEO and Director of School Improvement, @TeamTait

I’ve been looking for something which has high quality vocabulary and writing essentials in one place and I’ve finally found it! Write Like a Ninja brings together vocabulary in a clear and concise way which will allow the children in my class to find what they need and be creative. — Maaria Khan ― Year 6 Teacher and English Lead, @MissKhan

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Write Like A Ninja has been an instant revelation in schools to support writing, with more and more classes, key stages and whole schools of pupils wanting access to the books. In order to meet this demand, for orders of 50 books or more and by ordering via the form below, you can access a unique 20% discount on the RRP of £4.99…meaning that each book is only £3.99.

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