Vocabulary Ninja
Welcome to the company
 Providing a wide variety of high-quality products and systems that help to support pupils, teachers and schools.

Central to our values, is our mission to ensure teachers can focus on what’s important… teaching! With the peace of mind that Vocabulary Ninja provides everything that you need to deliver outstanding results

Vocabulary Ninja goes beyond words, and has developed effective resources to develop your pupils’ schemata of knowledge through word games, enthralling etymology and whole school foundation subject resources.

We are passionate about developing resources and systems of learning, embedded in the mantras of consistency, progression via marginal gains and whole school impact. In 2020, we released the first hugely successful whole school systems in SPaG, Arithmetic, Maths, Phonics and Spelling! Teachers and schools have loved these resources as they allow subject leaders and SLT members embed consistent systems across school, reducing the workload of teachers while increasing impact.

Vocabulary Ninja began back in 2016 when Andrew (Vocabulary Ninja) began sharing a simple word each day with his Year 5 class of pupils to help develop their vocabularies and their understanding of the texts they were engaging with. You might now expect that Vocabulary Ninja is a much larger company with multiple employees… when actually, Vocabulary Ninja is still just Andrew.

Since 2016, Andrew and Vocabulary Ninja have gained a reputation for developing the highest-quality resources, embedded in pedagogy and with high-quality first teaching in mind. Although Andrew is a huge advocate for developing children’s vocabularies and communication skills, as a teacher, still understands the importance of the wider curriculum and has passions for developing reading, SPaG and arithmetic resources for the whole school.

In 2018, Andrew published his first book with Bloomsbury International Publishing, the number one, best-selling ‘Vocabulary Ninja’, which has received rave-reviews. In 2020, Andrew went on to publish the non-fiction Comprehension Ninja series for Year 1 to Year 6 pupils that was also re-published as home learning books for parents to support pupils at home. Andrew has several other titles for reading writing and vocabulary in development and to be published throughout 2020/21.

Andrew is hugely proud of everything that Vocabulary Ninja has become since 2016 and is excited for what Vocabulary Ninja can continue to offer the education community of the world over the coming years.