SATs Like A Ninja

SATs Like A Ninja

When SATs loom, panic can set in. Have you practised enough prefixes? Can you remember how to calculate a percentage? What was the difference between a colon and a semi-colon, again? There’s so much to remember, so many different techniques and tips to grasp – it can be overwhelming for parents, never mind the children! With SATs Like a Ninja, you have everything you need at your fingertips to supercharge your SATs practice.

This comprehensive mini guide to Key Stage 2 SATs contains everything a pupil needs to meet the demands of the KS2 National Curriculum assessments. The book is divided into three sections with advice, key concepts and failsafe strategies throughout. The maths section covers key maths facts, arithmetic and tips to tackle reasoning and word problems. The reading section offers reading strategies, advice, as well as mini texts and associated worked example questions. Finally, the spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) section tackles the trickiest spelling rules, explains those fiddly fronted adverbials and, amongst other things, explores the difference between there, they’re and their.


SATs like a Ninja’ is an indispensable guide for both parents and students navigating KS2 SATs. Packed with key information, it effortlessly blends comprehensive content with an accessible writing style. The inclusion of example SATs questions throughout the guide enhances its value, providing a practical link to actual test papers. A must-have for year 6 students and an excellent resource for teachers facilitating revision sessions and interventions.      – Ketrina Davis, Year 6 Teacher and Maths Lead

Unlock success with ‘SATs like a Ninja’! This must-have guide for Year 6 students, seamlessly blends key revision points, practical SATs example questions and accessibility for all readers. A game-changer for parents, teachers and of course, students —your essential tool for SATs success!        – Miss Thirsk, Year 6 Teacher and Parent.

As a year 6 teacher, I’m convinced this book is a game-changer. It’s not just a lifeline for students navigating the SATs maze, but a stress-buster for parents too. The clear layout, essential revision information and practical examples make teaching and learning a breeze. Parents, students and teachers, this is your shortcut to smooth and successful SATs prep – a must-have tool for all Year 6 students.       – N Henderson, Y6 Teacher, KS2 Leader & Deputy Head (and parent)

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