Spell Like A Ninja

Spell Like A Ninja

Spell Like a Ninja provides essential tips, lists and advice to support the teaching and learning of spelling in the primary classroom or at home, all in a handy, pocket-sized book. Including every statutory spelling pattern in the National Curriculum, this book is split into sections for Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2 to enable all pupils to learn at their own pace in this all-in-one quick reference tool.

This engaging, easy-to-use book includes:
– the statutory spelling requirements for every year as well as the statutory word lists for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6;
– clear, practical guidance for teachers and parents to help effectively with spelling;
– tips for remembering spellings;
– useful spelling lists by word type, such as homophones or homonyms.

Perfect for…Whole class spelling lessons, intervention, NQT and EQT subject knowledge guides, teacher planning tools, lesson resources, homework support books, SAT’s preparation, parents wanting the effectively support spelling homework, TA subject knowledge and much more! The possibilities to raise standards in spelling is endless with Spell Like a Ninja!


Nunchuck your way to superior spelling engagement with this easy-to-use resource. Children and parents alike will find ‘Spell like a Ninja’ invaluable when completing homework, while teachers will inevitably appreciate this handy resource which is sure to become a staple of the classroom. The clear explanations, easy-to-use reference pages and spelling practise ideas, not to mention the challenge of the Ninja tasks and the mini-mastery techniques, ensure ‘Spell Like a Ninja’ is everything you could ask for from a spelling book and more. It’s engaging, immersive and highly accessible, linking spelling and grammar, technical vocabulary with a seasoning of humour to help combat the statutory curriculum.         – Alison Gutteridge, Head of English

Alongside the Write Like a Ninja book, this would be a perfect addition to any writing lesson and a great resource for children to use alone and alongside an adult. Children love the independence this gives them with their writing and it enables them to become more proficient spellers with fun activities to do at school and home.        – Amy Baines, Classroom Teacher

Another fab resource by Vocabulary Ninja! I love that Spell Like a Ninja teaches children (and parents!) the spelling rules and patterns, not just lists of words to remember. It clearly explains the tricky vocabulary that gets used in schools, so that parents can support their children’s spelling journey.        – Lindsey Fekete, Reach Online Tutoring.

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