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Write Like A…

Each of Vocabulary Ninja’s ‘Write Like A…’ packs have 6 essential question to challenge every classroom pupil, as they demonstrate their understanding from the learning that has taken place during the unit. Vocabulary Ninja’s ‘Write Like A…’ series has been created to inspire, support and embed authentic writing opportunities across the curriculum, whilst reducing the workload demands of the classroom practitioner. ‘Write Like A’ resources gather the essential technical and topic vocabulary required to answer a specific question with varying levels on complexity.
Each pack contains 6 different possible questions to be answered. Each set of questions have been carefully crafted to match the essential knowledge and expectations associated with each curriculum unit. In answering the question, pupils are challenged to utilise the increasingly complex vocabulary to scaffold their answer to the question. In doing so, pupils will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding they have developed during that unit of learning.

The ’Write Like A…’ series offers a way to focus and drive the content that schools wish for their pupils to learn and more importantly, retain. By choosing a question to begin with, class teachers can tailor units of work toward a final writing outcome.

“How else can I use the packs?”
  • Challenge and Engagement – Use the level or points system to engage and challenge all pupils of all needs.
  • Assess Knowledge Gained – Use a question at the beginning and end of the unit to demonstrate the increase in knowledge and understanding, or just as a summative unit assessment point, vital for subject leaders!
  • Simplify or Intensify – Edit your ‘Write Like a…’ question prompt by removing rows of language to better support the individual needs of all learners.
  • Cross Curricular Writing – Ensure as a class teacher or a leader in school that writing opportunities are effectively and consistently embedded across the curriculum.
  • Curriculum Vocabulary – Use the resource to ensure a whole-school
    progression of vocabulary across the foundation subject curriculum.
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