Quick Comprehension


Quick Comprehension has been created to provide a quick, yet extremely effective reading comprehension resource, specifically focused on retrieval and vocabulary skills. Each Quick Comprehension has a unique, high-quality short text written by established children’s authors, with both fiction and non-fiction texts available. Each text is accompanied by a full page of questions based on the text, which focus on SATs style questions such as multiple choice, find and copy, five w’s, true or false etc and matching.


Each of these question types allow the user to become more familiar and competent within each skill and question type. Each short text helps to build the confidence of all readers, building up to larger texts in the future.


Each Quick Comprehension comes with a complete set of answers. Expected activity completion time 10-15 minutes.

Vocabulary Ninja now boasts 440 different Quick Comprehensions to be used across the whole school. Each text can either be downloaded individually, as part of year group bundles or even as a whole school bundle. Perfect for developing outstanding standards in reading comprehension in a time and cost effective manner! ‘Teaching Simplified, Learning Amplified!’

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