Maths Like A Ninja

Maths Like A Ninja

Maths Like a Ninja, the much anticipated follow-up to bestselling Write Like a Ninja! This handy pocketbook is full of key concepts, mathematical vocabulary and practical advice to support every child’s growing independence in maths. Whether a child is stuck on a fractions question or struggling to remember what ‘composite numbers’ are, they’ll find the answer in this all-in-one quick-reference tool. If it’s in the National Curriculum…it’s in this powerful, pocket rocket of a book!

This engaging, easy-to-use book is fully matched to the National Curriculum for mathematics and will ensure children can do maths with confidence. It supports teachers in planning lessons and parents in supporting from home as well as empowering Key Stage 2 children to get the help they need easily and independently.

No more homework worries for parents on how to support pupils with maths homework, Maths Like a Ninja includes all the content you’ll ever need to effectively support learning at home.

Perfect for…Whole class maths lessons, intervention, NQT and EQT subject knowledge guides, teacher planning tools, lesson resources, homework support books, SAT’s preparation, parents wanting the effectively support maths homework, TA subject knowledge and much more! The possibilities to raise standards in maths is endless with Maths Like a Ninja!


I struggle so much to help my son with his maths. I just don’t get the new ways teachers explain and make them work things out. It’s definitely got harder than I remember! I was recommended this book and oh my gosh it’s helped soo much. I immediately found the explanations so we could work it out. If my son questions anything I just ask him to find it in the Ninja book! Feel so much more prepared to assist him with the dreaded YR 6 SATS coming up! Zoe (Amazon Review) 

I thought Write Like a Ninja was superb but this is even better! Really helpful as a scaffold for children to use alongside lessons to promote independence from adult support. Also has proven fantastic as a toolkit for home to help children have conversations with parents about their learning and to support homework. I shall be ordering more! Mrs Arnold (Amazon Review)

I’m a Year 5 teacher and highly recommend this book. Top tips for every area of maths in KS2. I would also recommend this for parents as it is extremely helpful when helping with homework. I have a few of the Ninja books and they are all fantastic! K Cole (Amazon Review)

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Maths Like A Ninja has been an instant winner in schools to support maths, with more and more classes, key stages and whole schools of pupils wanting access to the books. In order to meet this demand, for orders of 50 books or more and by ordering via the form below, you can access a unique 20% discount on the RRP of £4.99…meaning that each book is only £3.99.

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