In this new section of the Vocabulary Ninja website, you will find a growing selection of resources that will support the writing process.


The Vocabu-Library resource from Vocabulary Ninja is a comprehensive vocabulary resource designed to unpick and explain the vocabulary found within classic and modern children’s literature.  Each pack carefully analyses the vocabulary used by authors, chapter by chapter, then provides an explanation of these unfamiliar or meaning-rich words in context. By providing a contextual explanation rather than just a standard definition, we can better help children understand the stories we are sharing with them and widen their vocabulary.

Literacy shed

Vocabulary Ninja and The Literacy Shed have teamed up to create an essential bank of vocabulary packs, specifically created to unlock the vocabulary found within each exciting Literacy Shed video! Each pack has associated nouns, verbs, synonyms, writing strips and some even have bonus activities.

Write Like A…

Each of Vocabulary Ninja’s ‘Write Like A…’ packs have 6 essential question to challenge every classroom pupil, as they demonstrate their understanding from the learning that has taken place during the unit. Vocabulary Ninja’s ‘Write Like A…’ series has been created to inspire, support and embed authentic writing opportunities across the curriculum, whilst reducing the workload demands of the classroom practitioner.

Free Writing Resources