Comprehension Ninja


Master the foundations of reading comprehension.

Comprehension Ninja transforms children into masters of reading retrieval and comprehension. With Comprehension Ninja, children quickly learn how to efficiently navigate a text, build a crucial awareness of key information held within texts and how to answers various challenging questions types confidently, quickly and with complete certainty.


Comprehension Ninja is a highly effective teaching and learning strategy designed to support pupils in mastering the foundations of reading comprehension and retrieval of information. Comprehension Ninja focuses explicitly on the mastery of reading retrieval, creating self-assured and highly skilled retrievers of information from non-fiction, fiction and poetry texts using Comprehension Ninja’s books and online teaching and learning resources.

Comprehension Dojo

Comprehensive reading retrieval and vocabulary comprehension packs, covering eight, core retrieval skills. Year 1 to Year 6.

Quick Comprehensions

A unique series of comprehension one a single page. Short non-fiction and fiction texts, covering eight, core retrieval skills. Year 1 to Year 6.

Whole Class Reading

Hugely detailed and thorough whole class reading packs, designed to support the teaching of reading to the whole class. Growing library of books covered.

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