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Vocabulary Ninja for SLT. As a senior leader, your priority is to ensure that standards are constantly being raised and challenged across school, with the knowledge that any practices that do become part of your school are embedded simply and successfully across all year groups. As a former assistant head teacher, I understand the need for systems and also the need for simplicity…both of which ultimately need to lead to impact and progress.

Vocabulary Ninja provide many, many resources that effectively run from EYFS to Y6 which can support your school in your teaching of vocabulary, spelling, reading, SPaG, arithmetic, maths and much more.

For example. Vocabulary Ninja’s whole school SPaG Starter System is a system which runs from Y1 to Y6, covering all of the grammar expectations from the National Curriculum in each year group. Within the pack you will discover a 10 question SPaG starter question activity which can be used to start your english lesson – every day, that’s right every day, and for every year group. Meaning children and teachers benefit from consistent practices and routines which develop confidence, knowledge and understanding via a marginal gains approach and spaced retrieval opportunities.

And this is just one content area, SPaG. Vocabulary Ninja has the same resources for maths, arithmetic, spelling and reading – with more to come in the future.

Vocabulary Ninja, is more than just a vehicle to develop vocabulary in school, but as a teacher myself who loves efficient and powerful systems in school, I decided to develop these systems to support as many schools as possible.

Beyond, these Whole School Systems, Vocabulary Ninja offers a range of other teaching resources to support schools development of vocabulary, language and communication in reading, writing and the wider curriculum. Vocabulary Ninja aims to support schools via educational books for teachers, pupils and parents, school resource subscriptions, online CPD and training, in school CPD and training and via amazing resources and learning strategies such as the Word of the Day being developed and published each and every day.

As a senior leader, you can be assured that Vocabulary Ninja provides you school with the highest-quality resources, educational content and training that has the impact that all schools require. Even better, Vocabulary Ninja isn’t some huge faceless corporation…it’s just me, Andrew.

Remember, Words have the power to unlock the doors to a world of understanding.


Teachers Tales: RusseLL Smart, Assistant HEad, Dubai.

Russell Smart. Kings’ School Al Barsha, Dubai UAE. I’m Assistant Headteacher for Year 3 and 4.

“Vocabulary Ninja is a practical resource that has inspired my team”

Working in an international setting, it became apparent to me early on the need to be quite explicit with language, vocabulary and meaning. I recall teaching a Year 6 class and a story used the word ‘cliff’ which I made the false assumption all 11 year olds would know, have experienced and seen. This was not the case! That was nine years ago and I am still teaching internationally. As Assistant Headteacher for Year 3 and 4, I wanted a resource to bridge a gap between simply learning phonics and spellings to going more in depth into language, word play and meanings. Vocabulary Ninja (and Comprehension Ninja) has helped my team immensely to plan purposeful lessons that explore words.

My Favourite Resource

Through ‘Word of the Week’ and topic specific word teaching, I have seen huge progress in our children’s knowledge and enthusiasm when tackling these fun sessions. Children now come to me with their own words to share as well as making links between known words and their origins. Vocabulary Ninja is a practical resource that has inspired my team as well as providing them with valuable CPD and how they approach language teaching.


Is Vocabulary Ninja a system we need to follow?

No, not in the traditional sense. Vocabulary Ninja is more associated with a mindset change and a teacher or schools approach to developing vocabulary in school. Vocabulary Ninja provides a wealth are advice, guidance, strategies and resources to allow vocabulary to weave it’s way into every aspect of school life. Vocabulary Ninja is not just about ‘words’, it’s about language and communication, reading, writing and understand! Words are our world.

How does my school access the Word of the Day?

The Word of the Day is easily accessible on social media, check out the Vocabulary Ninja Blog, where the Word of the Day is posted every single school day – totally free. Beyond the blog, WOD’s are posted on Twitter and Facebook, along with packs being available as part of your school subscription, with 1000’s of words to choose from.

What resources are available and for which year groups?

The Vocabulary Ninja website now has 1000’s of resources to support your needs, with a growing abundance of resources to support the development of vocabulary, reading and writing right from Early Years through to Year 6, and in some instances beyond. Online resources are being added on a daily basis, as well as the educational books such as the best-selling Vocabulary Ninja (link) and Comprehension Ninja Series (link). Nearly all vocabulary Ninja resources are now developed with the whole school in mind, an the progression and consistency that resources require to support a pupils learning journey through school.

How do we best put Vocabulary Ninja into action in our school?

Every school is different. So every approach is different. However, there are some key aspects to consider when starting to implement Vocabulary Ninja that will enhance outcomes. Starting with the Word of the Day and developing a vocabulary rich environment is crucial – linked to spaced learning and recall opportunities that helps pupils retain the language that we want them to retain. Beyond the general advice on the website, the Vocabulary Ninja book (link) is a great place to start. In 2020/21 Vocabulary Ninja will be delivering live CPD content via live-streaming, covering the basics of vocabulary and how to bring words to life in your classroom.

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