Word of the Day on TrilbyTV

“Word of the Day” Now Available via TrilbyTV!

The Vocabulary Ninja is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with TrilbyTV! TrilbyTV is the number one digital signage platform that is made for education. TrilbyTV offers a full range of content options for digital signage including video, slideshows, twitter feeds and web content. It also contains a content catalogue, full of education focused ready to use content from well known and trusted organisations including us.

From today, all of TrilbyTV’s education customers can add the Vocabulary Ninja “Word of the Day” to their screens via their Content Catalogue. This is a fantastic way to get students thinking about literacy. Use the word as inspiration for a creative writing lesson. Or challenge your pupils to include the word in a piece of work. You could have some fun seeing who can weave the word of the day naturally into a conversation. The Word of the day works well on any screen, but if you have a digital display in your library area it would be a great content item to share there.

TrilbyTV Director, Ben Stanley said,

“At TrilbyTV we think it’s fantastic how much Andrew has done for education, helping many students gain confidence and understanding through reading and vocabulary. We also really admire the awesome following that he’s gained through inspiring and educating the next generation. For us at TrilbyTV it’s great to work with people who really make a difference when it comes to learning. We feel that this is the perfect way for The Vocabulary Ninja to reach even more students, while helping TrilbyTV users in their day-to-day teaching. This is why we were really keen to partner with Andrew and the Vocabulary Ninja team and are proud to have made it happen together!”

The combination of The Vocabulary Ninja’s content and TrilbyTV’s simple, easy to use software solution create the perfect match to engage audiences.

To add the Word of the Day:
If you are already using TrilbyTV and are logged in, then click here to add the slides to your digital signage. It’s only one simple tap to get their great content onto your feed so it starts playing on your screens.

If you haven’t yet used TrilbyTV it’s free to try, just click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial and #SwitchOnYourSignage.