Do It Yourself Word of the Day


Now including editable formats. Do It Yourself Word of the Day! Just what I needed, I hear you say! Vocabulary Ninja’s DIY Word of the Day provides a 15 page document to enable schools, teachers and parents to deliver Word of the Day. Page 1 (see product image) gives simple instructions on how to use the familiar WOD document. The remaining 14 pages are all variations of the same format with a varied title, including: Word of the Day, KS1 WOD, KS2 WOD, KS3 WOD, KS4 WOD, Staff WOD, Assembly WOD, Maths WOD, Numeracy WOD, Class Novel WOD, Homework WOD and Parent WOD! Amazing! Now you can use the blank templates to write on your tailored WODs!