Write Like A Ninja

Write Like A Ninja

An essential toolkit for every young writer.

Write Like a Ninja unleashes the creative spirit and inspired author in every child by simplifying and centralising everything they need to flourish as an author and be the best-selling version of themselves.

WHAT Write Like A Ninja INCLUDES:

Write Like a Ninja is a writing toolkit designed to support every young writer throughout the writing process by providing a complete reference guide to every essential component of writing, both technically and creatively.

Write Like a Ninja has been designed to give pupils complete confidence in themselves as creative and genuine young authors, learning the craft of writing by supporting their sentence level construction, use of grammatical concepts and their selection of vocabulary. Every pupil is an author and Write Like a Ninja is there to support every stroke of the pen, every creative thought and every writing moment with the essential toolkit book and supporting online resources.

Write Like a Ninja (Book)

The essential writing toolkit for every young writer. Buy you copies now.

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100’s of resources to support the description of essential fiction and non-fiction settings across KS1 and KS2.

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Writing Resources

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