Whole School Systems


Vocabulary Ninja has developed a range of Whole School Systems that embody our values of consistency, progression of marginal gains and reducing teacher workload while increasing impact. Each system has been designed to match the standards and expectations of the National Curriculum and ensure that schools can embed clear and consistent systems of progressions from EYFS/Year 1 through to Year 6. Five devastatingly effective whole school learning systems. Harness the power of marginal gains and create everyday consistency that develops long term progression.

Maths Starter System: Tough Ten (Y1-Y6)

Vocabulary Ninja’s Whole School Maths Starter System or the ‘Tough Ten’ is here! Consistency is the absolute key here, with resources that offer marginal gains learning opportunities, little yet often. The Tough Ten is a simple yet powerful learning resource that Vocabulary Ninja has used successfully with Year 6 students over the past 3 years!

These resources offer ten questions everyday linked to the National Curriculum and mathematical expectations for each year group to help pupils build up their confidence when answering questions which link closely to success in arithmetic and ultimately success in reasoning. The foundation of a pupil’s ability to reason and problem solve is mathematical fluency. The Tough Ten offers a simple whole school solution, which offers consistency and impact throughout year groups. Each termly pack offers a set of ten questions for everyday, which are neatly copied 8-10 times on a page so that teachers only need to print two or three pages. Whether you are a class teacher looking for routines and effectiveness or a subject teacher looking to embed solid systems in school… This is the resource for you!

Arithmetic Whole School Test System (Y1-Y6)

Vocabulary Ninja’s Whole School Arithmetic System is a comprehensive, fully resourced week-by-week arithmetic test. Each test covers the national expectations linked to mathematical fluency and arithmetic, whilst ensuring a consistent approach that prepares students for the ultimate expectations of Year 6 SATs.

This system runs from Year 1 all the way to Year 6, with tests for every week of the school year. Each week the tests become progressively more challenging, and the number of questions that students are expected to answer increases. This system is designed to prepare students for the Year 6 SATs arithmetic paper by exposing them to the expectations each week starting from Year 1, whilst giving schools clear numerical indicators of how pupils are progressing throughout the year. Each test pack comes in a range of formats, which include boxed versions, space for calculations and even shorter versions to reduce paper usage.

SPaG Starter System (Y1-Y6)

Vocabulary Ninja’s SPaG Starter System is built around a 10 daily question SPaG Starter activity that students from every year group can access every day of the school year. Every year group’s activities are closely aligned to the National Curriculum’s expectations for grammar, which ensures the progression and pitch of the entire series.

This resource has learning theory and teaching built-in two, with regular opportunities for space retrieval. Each resource works with three to four week cycles, where each week a specific grammatical concept is focused on. Every third of fourth week, a mixed skills activity is embedded which gives activities that cover the previous three-week’s teaching and learning. Meaning that students have the opportunity to return to previous learning and go over it, giving it an increased chance of being retained in the long-term.

Every resource has been built with teaching staff in mind. Each daily resource has the same activity copied six times, meaning that each day teachers only need to print around five sheets for a class on 30, saving time and money.

An excellent whole school resource, created for every classroom and every teacher!

Spelling System (Y1-Y6)

Vocabulary Ninja’s Whole School Spelling System resources contain everything you need to teach, learn, practice and test effectively given a spelling rule, directly linked to the National Curriculum. From Year 1 to Year 6, the system has a teaching resource pack of over 40 pages for each week of the academic year.

Each pack contains resources to send home at the start of the week, to display and use in classrooms, to play and learn and spellings and even resources to test pupils knowledge of a spelling rule and sent home to support parents. Some of the resources include:

  • Weekly Spelling Rule – Page 3 and 4
  • Look, Write, Cover and Check – Page 6,7 and 8
  • Printable Flash Cards – Pages 10-11
  • Display Words – Pages 13-15
  • Weekly Test Resources – Pages 18-21
  • Certificates – Pages 23-24
  • Additional Resources Section

EYFS: Word of the Day

Vocabulary Ninja’s EYFS Word of the Day Resource provides practitioners with the opportunity to practice crucial phonics skills, whilst also developing children’s understanding of vocabulary, every single day of the academic year. The resources closely follow the sequence of phoneme-grapheme correspondences outlined in the Letters and Sounds document. It’s the perfect way to enhance learning phonics whilst developing an understanding of vocabulary.

Each day, children will be given a simple definition of phonetically decodable word, with sound buttons included. Children can then practice a range of different things such as:

  • Finding the Rhyme
  • Phoneme Frames
  • Pyramid Spellings
  • How many Syllables?
  • Write the Caption