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Word of the Day

The Word of the Day from Vocabulary Ninja is a fabulous foundation for any classroom and school to develop a clear system of consistency and progression, without the workload, to embed vocabulary in school. If you want to discover how to effective begin to embed ‘The Vocabulary Ninja Approach’ to delivering vocabulary in your classroom, Vocabulary Ninja has a totally free four-part (26 page) publication  which outlines in detail your action plan for embedding vocabulary in your classroom and across your whole school!

Vocabulary Ninja’s Word of the Day is an amazing, free resource which allows teachers and school to begin the process of embedding vocabulary into the classroom on a daily basis. Each daily resource contains a plethora of content which supports a range of National Curriculum objectives, whilst aiming to develop children’s understanding of different types of vocabulary.

Each week, Vocabulary Ninja publishes the whole week’s words to download for free. This can be done via the www.vocabularyninja.co.uk website. Each week, ten words in total are covered, two for each day in different domains of vocabulary. The words of the week can be found as part of the weekly pack and outline the words that will be covered during the week.

Vocabulary Ninja publishes five Grasshopper words and five Shinobi words. Grasshopper words focus on tier 1 vocabulary, which is vocabulary that pupils might be expected to learn through play and from experiencing the world around them. Research suggests that pupils know considerably less of these words than previous generation and so the Grasshopper Word of the Day covers this need. The Shinobi Word of the Day focuses on tier 2 vocabulary, which is language that can sit across many contexts, subject to subject and can often be found in children’s literature and academic tests. These words require an element of direct teaching for pupils to develop an understanding.