Comprehension Ninja Home Learning Books

Comprehension Ninja Home Learning Books

Comprehension Ninja Workbooks are ideal for supporting your child’s learning at home. With bespoke non-fiction texts and hundreds of questions, they’re packed full of comprehension practice with strong links to the National Curriculum.

Created by trusted author and teacher Andrew Jennings, they’re perfect for developing those all-important literacy skills at home and for boosting children’s confidence in reading comprehension.

Key features of Comprehension Ninja Workbook:
– Covers popular National Curriculum topics currently taught at Key Stage and 2, such as climate change and the Battle of Hastings
– Features a variety of question types including true or false, fill the gap and multiple choice
– Contains illustrations throughout and a fun ninja theme to engage children
– Includes advice for parents and answers at the back of the book



Customer Reviews

These are brilliant workbooks – perfect for use at home to support your child’s learning! Parent – Steph

This is a really good book. My son is 9 going into year 5 in September. The work gets harder as you go through but a good challenge and makes him read the text carefully. Recommended to a friend who also got one. Parent – Mary

Great comprehension activities in here for your child. Interesting text which supports the curriculum and activities to develop comprehension skills. Will keep any child busy – Parent – May