Why The Whole School System

Andrew, a.k.a. Vocabulary Ninja has worked as a senior leader in several fabulous schools and understands the importance of consistency of approach for leaders, ensuring that concepts and visions are easily articulated and understand by the whole team. So that everyone from EYFS, through to Year 6 is clear on what we are trying to achieve from every action that we take.

Vocabulary Ninja resources are now developed with the whole school progression at the heart of every resource, unpicking it, and developing the concepts that each resource holds and making it accessible for the youngest to the oldest pupil in your school.

For many children, consistency means that no learning time is wasted having to adapt to how one teacher delivers or presents something to the next. Consistency is key. Progression is progress. 

For instance, Vocabulary Ninja has recently developed some exciting spelling, SPaG, arithmetic and maths starter resources, but they would only be so useful if they were only targeted at the usual year groups like Y6. So, Vocabulary Ninja has developed each resource so that it can be used right from the word go in year 1, right through to year 6, supercharged in-line with the expectations of the National Curriculum! Imagine the impact! It’s huge. Plus it’s all included in your school’s Vocabulary Ninja subscription package, which starts at £79 for a 12 months, for the whole school.