Welcome to the new-look Vocabulary Ninja

Welcome to the new-look Vocabulary Ninja

Vocabulary Ninja was born around 4 years ago and in that period of time has grown to be a valued and well-respected part of the online and offline education community. A community who want to develop their skills and provide the very best for their communities and pupils. Vocabulary Ninja has been something that I have developed very much on my own, with the help of some very talented colleagues along the way. I felt as though now, more so than any other time, the website and the brand needed to be even better, to have higher expectations of myself, and this has to start at the website.

I want the website to a home for you all, a place you can come, knowing you’ll find exactly what you need to support language, reading and writing (plus some other exciting areas of the curriculum) in your school. As VN is just me, the website, has been something that I have created with very limited knowledge of ‘websites’ to serve a purpose in the short term. And that’s why I decided to have the site rebranded and relaunched, to give new and existing customers, a really clear understanding of what is on offer! Ready for a new academic year like any other, one that will be fraught with new challenges and uncertainty.

But one thing is for sure, Vocabulary Ninja, refreshed, rebranded and supercharged, will be here to support you on that amazing journey!

You’re awesome! And I know it!

Remember, words have the power to unlock the doors to a word of understanding.


Vocabulary Ninja.