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Welcome NQT’s. Believe it or not everyone starts where you are right now, even the most experienced headteachers or subject leaders. It’s a place of genuine excitement, tinged with a few nerves and a little apprehension. Which is to be expected, and is actually a good thing. You don’t know it all, and no-one expects you too, again, even the most experience headteacher or subject leader doesn’t know it all, and everyday is a learning day!

Even Vocabulary Ninja was an NQT, back in 2010, and I remember needing the support of the team around me to develop as a teacher, but also needing that personal desire to want to improve my subject knowledge and general knowledge associated with being in the classroom.

Vocabulary Ninja is here to support you on your journey and make everyday in the classroom that little bit easier and make you that little bit more impactful everyday. Whether it be through the resources on the site, the word of the day, display strategies, online CPD, research….Vocabulary Ninja is here for you.


Teachers Tales…

“There are a plethora of practical activities which are engaging and can be brought straight into the classroom”

As an NQT, I came across vocabulary ninja through teachers I follow on twitter and it has transformed my classroom ethos completely.

I have been using ‘word of the day’ since September and if I forget to do it, the children will tell me about it! I decided to buy this book and embed Vocabulary Ninja into my classroom to see how I could further develop the vocabulary of my pupils, and I was not disappointed!

There are a plethora of practical activities which are engaging and can be brought straight into the classroom. Teaching children who do not necessarily experience those ‘tier 2’ words outside of school they absolutely thrive learning new words and are so much more confident using their new vocabulary in their independent writing. I would recommend Vocabulary Ninja to anybody who believes in the power of words and thank you for supporting my teaching this year!

Amazon Reviewer, NQT Teacher


What is Vocabulary Ninja and how can it help me?

Vocabulary Ninja is an online education company that create the highest quality educational resources, books and teaching strategies to support all teachers. Vocabulary Ninja’s primary aim is to promote and develop children’s vocabulary, while understanding that vocabulary constitutes all aspects of the curriculum, especially reading and writing.

Vocabulary Ninja’s resources are designed to support all teachers, including NQT’s not to deliver a worksheet curriculum, but to delivery lessons that have impact, but also support your development and subject knowledge as a newly qualified teacher.

What subjects will Vocabulary Ninja support me with?

Vocabulary Ninja primarily focuses on vocabulary, however this naturally seeps into reading, writing, SPaG, spelling and the wider curriculum (tpic vocabulary). Vocabulary Ninja is also passionate about and enjoys arithmetic, and so has developed a range of resources to support arithmetic in school.

How much will Vocabulary Ninja cost me?

As an NQT, as single years subscription is £20, which gives you access to every single resource on the site. However, Vocabulary Ninja has daily Word of the Day resources that are totally free. Bringing Vocabulary Ninja into your classroom doesn’t actually have to cost anything, because a lot of what what you need is either published for free by VN, is already in your curriculum or a book, or is down to your own teaching mentality.

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