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Subject leaders and Senior Leaders….welcome!

As a former english and maths subject leader, as well as overseeing history, PE, design and technology for a while, Vocabulary Ninja has a sound understanding of the expectations of a core subject leader and wider leaders of curriculum subjects. Subject leaders in school are the beating heart of a school, especially in the modern school where the curriculum and leadership of the curriculum can come under so much scrutiny. But, there’s no need to worry, Vocabulary Ninja has an ever growing library of resources, systems, strategies and literature to support subject leaders and senior leaders.


Teachers Tales: Mr James Grocott
Deputy Headteacher and year 5/6 teacher

Mr James Grocott, Deputy Headteacher and year 5/6 teacher, Wood Ley Primary School, Suffolk

“In our school the learning of new vocabulary permeates everything we do. “

A good understanding of a wide range of vocabulary leads to success throughout the whole curriculum and sets children up to become successful learners. At Wood Ley Primary School, vocabulary is taught in a fun and active way across the curriculum and innovative ideas such as the use of digital technology used. Vocabulary Ninja has played a major part in supporting our teaching. Using Word of The Day allows us to really dissect new vocabulary in a fun way. I also use the Vocab Lab app, which the children really love! We knew that teaching vocabulary needed to be at the forefront of everything we do in school and the Vocabulary Ninja resources really helped us focus on how we could do it successfully.

Senior Team Leader / Subject Head FAQ’s

How can Vocabulary Support me as a subject leader?

Vocabulary Ninja has a whole series of resources to support teachers and pupils develop vocabulary, reading, writing and SPaG aspects of the curriculum. What’s even better, is the resources that Vocabulary Ninja develops all have consistency and progression in mind from the subject leaders perspective. So, that as the subject leader, you can be assured that a resource can be applied in each year group, ensuring you are embedding a resources or system that has consistency and progression. One resource for example is the Whole School SPaG Starter System. This system has a daily SPaG start activity of 10 questions for every year group, meaning that very quickly you could embed a clear and consistent system in school, that has progression and gets results!

Beyond these systems, Vocabulary Ninja has 1000’s of resources to specifically support reading and writing outcomes, from the Vocabu-Library which breaks down the vocabulary in all of your favourite children’s literature, to technical resources such as the SPaG Spotter.

There’s so much to explore.


With math, Vocabulary Ninja focuses on two specific areas that fall in line with out attitudes towards marginal gains in learning and my love of number and arithmetic. As a result we have two huge whole school systems. One a whole school arithmetic testing system, with weekly arithmetic tests for every yer group in school. Secondly, a daily maths starter system called the Tough Ten. A progressive maths starter system that gives every year group, ten questions every day to answer! The power of consistency, no confusion, just impact!

Curriculum Subjects

Now more than ever, the curriculum is at the beating heart of a school and any external observations from Ofsted and Co. Ofsted to one side, vocabulary and language are central to the understanding and retention of subject knowledge for out pupils. Vocabulary Ninja has resources for up to 100 different topics, from vocabulary packs, word mats and even the associated topic vocabulary presented on display slips, so that vocabulary can become central to every topic being taught in your school, for your curriculum. In 2020/21, knowledge organisers will be added for every subject to give an even more comprehensive diet of vocabulary linked to the understanding and retrieval of your curriculum. Plus, this takes a huge amount of workload from your staff, while creating consistent systems from classroom to classroom which pupils thrive on.

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