New online CPD

CPD went digital

The world has certainly changed more than we could have ever expected in the last 6 months, probably never to be quite the same ever again. The 6 months prior were filled with me diving into the world of delivering CPD and Inset in schools all across the United Kingdom. It’s been amazing to meet so many fabulous teachers and staff members, albeit during the dreaded twilight slots, when people are potential tired and weary! I’ve been there and I totally get it!

However, despite the odd weary glance at 5.49pm on a Monday evening, the responses and feedback that I have received over the subsequent weeks and months has been nothing short of overwhelming. Not about me, far from it, but more importantly, about the impact that the systems and resources that the training covers have had in school. And that’s not me, it’s you, in every minute, every hour, every conversation, every lesson, every joke, in everything that you do that has vocabulary and language at the heart of it.

Quarantine (great word by the way, which links to the period of 40 days during the Black Death, where ships and the sailors onboard were required to remain onboard the ship, before they could come onto land) online has been interesting to watch as an observer, as to how teachers have adapted the way they work to this new, digitally unrestricted world. It has been fab to see how teachers have supported each other and used technology such as Zoon (other products are available) to make their message more accessible to anyone who wants to be part of it.

So much of what Vocabulary Ninja has to offer is about a teaching mentality and an attitude of inspiration and consistency, which I want to be able to offer to as many people as possible. 

CPD via video has so many flexible opportunities and so I am excited to be able to offer my training via pre-recorded video content and as a live-stream for schools, as well as launching regular webinar content in the 2020-2021 academic years for both teachers, and just as importantly, for parents. 

The added bonus being, it’s much cheaper too, as there is not travel costs associated and it is much better for the environment!

If this sounds something you or your school would be interested in, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, even just for a chat about vocabulary, reading and writing in your school!

Remember, words unlock the doors to a world of understanding!


Vocabulary Ninja