EYFS / KS1 & KS2

EYFS / KS1 & KS2

Whether you are an Early Years teacher, Key Stage 1 teacher or Key Stage 2 teacher, Vocabulary Ninja is here to support you reach your goals in school, by making vocabulary a priority right from the moment a pupil arrives in your school or when you meet then in Year 2 or Year 5, it all matters. And in most instances, Vocabulary Ninja has taught there! I know what it’s all about, the demands, the expectations both from yourself and the wider school.

Vocabulary Ninja has resources, strategies, systems as well as advice to support your needs, whichever Key Stage or Phase you are in. As a class teacher, I fully understand and can sympathise with the demands on you in regards to planning, preparation, assessments, meetings, data and then actual doing some teaching. Time and workload is massive.

Vocabulary is a huge advocate for providing resources and systems that have a big impact in the classroom, but that reduce the workload that teachers have to get that impact.

Vocabulary Ninja has a wealth of free resources and systems for you to use, primarily the Word of the Day, to support you as a class teacher to begin to embed vocabulary as part of you daily routine and educational diet.

Beyond vocabulary, VN has a growing library of resources to support reading, writing, SPaG, spelling, arithmetic and the wider curriculum via the website itself. Vocabulary Ninja also has a growing selection of best-selling educational books supporting vocabulary development, reading comprehension and writing in the classroom, for teachers and pupils.


Teachers Tales: St. Bede’s RC Primary, Newcastle

St. Bede’s RC Primary, Newcastle

“Vocabulary is an essential foundation for learning.”

Working in a school where pupil premium is above national average, immersing children in vocabulary has to be even more of a priority. Often, many of the pupils that walk into our classrooms are at a disadvantage to their peers – quite simply because they’ve not had the exposure to vocabulary or the range of vocabulary that others have. They are already playing catch up on their first day in EYFS. Word work, accessible displays, prompts, reading high quality texts to classes, modelling and creating spaces for discussion, debate and listening to others are so so important and a massive priority for us. I’m pleased to say it’s become a part of the culture of our school – it’s an understood and lived non – negotiable.


Are free samples of premium resources available?

Yes, nearly all resource types have free versions to download, so that you can understand what a typical resource contains. Free content is also added at regular intervals to the site.

Can I subscribe to Vocabulary ninja and access all of the resources?

Yes, subscriptions run on a 12-month cycle and can be processed instantly, just click the link to see your options.

How Does The Website work?

The website can be used in two ways to access paid resources. Firstly, you can access them as a casual customer by adding any resource to the cart and purchasing it, simple. Secondly, you can subscribe to the site for one, low annual fee, meaning that when you sign in, all the resources and systems are free, add them to the cart and download, simple too!

How do I know if the resources are effective?

Vocabulary Ninja is used in schools all around the world and has fantastic level of impact. But, remember, the resources are only as good as the teacher in the classroom, the same goes for any resource. I always say, ‘great teaching required!’ As Vocabulary Ninja is a real ‘micro-company,’ all of my resources and subscription are priced for accessibility, so unlike other companies who charge £100’s and £1000’s for very little, VN gives you everything for one low annual subscription.

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