8000 Boom!

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That’s right! 8000 Twitter followers!

Grasshoppers are growing!

Believe it or not there are only 1,700 people following the blog! Crazy! Oh well their loss!

You sensible 1,700 or so are receiving a secret voucher code for a specific Topic Vocabulary Pack worth £1.99

The code is 8000boom which will discount £1.99 from the Gunpowder Plot Topic Vocabulary Pack!

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Vocabulary Ninja


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Catherine Biddick

The coupon has expired already!


Trying to apply the 8000boom coupon to the Gunpowder Plot vocab pack but says coupon has expired. Can you help?
Samantha Lowcock

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lhall83@hotmail.com .

Have just tried to redeem this but it says coupon expired.

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